The Gadgetzan Times is a web based application which calculates the profits of crafted items of each profession with real-time auction data using Blizzard World of Warcraft API.

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How it works?

You may consider The Gadgetzan Times as a calculator. It constantly calculates the crafting costs of all recipes with real-time auction data.

If any of the reagents or crafted item don't exist on auction house, the recipe will not be updated.

Available reagents are considered in the calculation of reagents. For example, if you need 60 clothes to craft an item, price of first 60 items will be summed up.

If crafted item count varies, average count is considered.

Blizzard API provides fresh auction data on hourly basis. Therefore, calculation period is set to 1 hour.


In order to reduce the costs, I will update a realm when any user requests a page. Therefore, you will have to wait few seconds while tables are prepared.

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